South Huntsville Civic Association

South Hsv Contacts

Your community representatives want to hear from you! The following is a list of contacts for representatives within the south Huntsville community.  These organizations and individuals are the correct contacts for maintainence issues which may arise such as street repair, ditch maintainence, suspected criminal activity, stop signs, city services and concerns with school administrators.
SHCA utilizes our limited resources to address policy issues which impact your civil or property rights. If you are aware of such a policy issue which is not being addressed by the appropriate agency or official, please navigate to our contact page and let us know!

Mayor's Office
 Mayor Tommy Battle
 (256) 427-5000

District 3 City Councilman
 John Olshefski
 (256) 427-5011

District 3 School Board Rep.
Dr. Jennie Robinson
(256) 428-6800

County Commission, District 5
Phil Riddick
(256) 532-3300

District 2 City Councilman
Mark Russell
(256) 427-5011

District 2 School Board
David Blair
 (256) 603-9393

Huntsville Police Department, South Precinct
7900 Bailey Cove Rd, Huntsville AL 35802
Captain Tommy Presley
(256) 213-4500

Community Relation Officier: Marcus Hendrix (256) 213-4548
Community Watch Information:

If you are interested in forming an association for your south Huntsville neighborhood, contact your city councilman. They're here to help!

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