South Huntsville Civic Association


SHCA exists solely on membership dues and donations. It is the generosity of our community that keeps us in operation. If you are unable to afford a donation at this time, we truly understand. Please remember us when your finances improve. If however you are able to contribute, you value the work that we do and would like to have it continue, please participate by supporting our efforts.

Join the Association!
Annual Membership Dues:

Individual  - $25
Family - $45
Seniors aged 65 and above  - $20
Business - $150
Donations - We are grateful for any contribution!

Please send membership dues or donations to:

South Huntsville Civic Association
PO Box 12271
Huntsville, Alabama 35815

or pay online through

South Huntsville Civic Association is a volunteer organization. All donations are utilized to support operating expenses for both civic and political projects such as research, communications, materials, charitable donations, landscaping projects, community projects, political contributions, political consultations and community meetings which are free and open to the public. If needed, we may choose to hold fund-raising events, but would prefer to utilize our time in a more productive and less intrusive manner. Your donations allow us to remain involved in productive projects when you might not have the time to attend to those important civic matters.

  • Are you too busy to keep up with the news that impacts your life in South Huntsville?

 SHCA will act as a watchdog for what happens in our city’s government. We will report back to the membership. Our officials will know that we aren’t sitting on the sidelines anymore!

  • Do you have concerns about our schools?

 SHCA expects our schools to have high standards, high test-scores and effective discipline. SHCA will hold officials accountable for their performance.

  • Do you want government leaders that support our community’s needs?

 South Huntsville residents have a history of splitting our votes among political candidates, making us an afterthought to city officials. To have a stronger voice, we will maintain a Political Action Committee (PAC) to screen candidates in local elections and support those who will do what is best for our community.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you need to support South Huntsville Civic Association !   

Make Checks Payable to South Huntsville Civic Association and    
   Mail to:      
South Huntsville Civic Association
P.O. Box 12271
Huntsville, AL 35815

We sincerely appreciate your support for our communities.

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