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The South Huntsville Civic Association (SHCA) was formed in May 2009. It was organized as a Political Action Committee (PAC) with the intent of influencing elections of government representatives, and to provide Huntsville’s elected representatives and other key civic leaders with input on issues that are critical to the quality of life for the citizens of South Huntsville.

The need for this civic organization became apparent when the Huntsville Housing Authority relocated public housing projects to South Huntsville without any public notification or approval from our elected officials. We soon understood that south Huntsville neighborhoods were the primary target for additional relocations.

In the following three years, we have successfully developed excellent working relationships with our county, state and federal representatives. Through those relationships, diligence and innovative thinking, we have served to protect and promote south Huntsville.

While some with slightly more timid hearts than our own have questioned the need for SHCA to maintain a political action committee, we are certain that this has been a great benefit to our community.

South Huntsville residents have a history of splitting our votes among political candidates, making us an afterthought to city officials. To have a stronger voice, we need a Political Action Committee (PAC) to screen candidates in local elections and support those who will do what is best for our community.

Primary SHCA Activities from 2009-2013 :


From 2009-20012 SHCA has hosted quarterly meetings which are free and open to the public. Our topics have varied from Education to Crime and Safety. During election years we have hosted three debates. Our attendance has ranged from 250-1000 depending upon the topic. During this time we have also worked with several developers in order to promote smart growth for our area. Additional projects have included:

2009 - SHCA assisted our state legislators with the creation of SB205. This local bill limited the power of eminent domain for our local public housing authority and required that the same authority notify citizens prior to purchasing property for use as public housing dwellings.

2009 - SHCA organized a petition in support of SB205. 2854 signatures were collected.

2010 - SHCA endorsed 9 federal, state and local candidates for election. 8 of those candidates won the race for                          which we endorsed.

2010 - SHCA was able to dissuade our school board from hiring a liberal superintendent.

2011 - The annual SHCA Student Scholarship Program was created. This program is intended to help further the                      education of graduating seniors who have met a minimum 3.0 GPA and who exhibit dedication to serving                      their community in civic matters. 2 scholarships were granted for $1000 each.

2011 - SHCA organized 4 trips for tornado clean-up efforts. Each trip was attended by 10-22 members. Well over                    $15,000 worth of relief supplies were donated and delivered on those same trips.

2012 - With encouragement from SHCA, SB205, was passed in the AL legislature and signed into law by Governor                   Bentley.

2012 - In both primaries and general elections, SHCA endorsed (2) candidates for county commission, (1) candidate              for chairman of the Madison County Commission and (1) candidate for US Congressional district 5. (3) of our              endorsed candidates were elected and all were the conservative choices.

2012 - SHCA worked with our state and federal representatives to discourage HUD from instituting a                       new federal program in the city of Huntsville which would have de-regulated federal funds                               received by the Huntsville Housing Authority. Our efforts were successful.

2013 - SHCA hosted Our 2nd Amendment. Held at the VBC, 1,700 citizens from across the Tennessee Valley joined us for presentations from the NRA, Congressman Mo Brooks, Senators Arthur Orr, Clay Scofield,  Paul Sanford, and Bill Holtzclaw and the Madison County Sheriff's Department. Music was provided by Representative Mike Ball and the Madison Mountaintop Band.

2013 - SHCA held a food drive for The Care Center

2013 - SHCA hosted a Town Hall Forum with Congressman Mo Brooks. (pictures on "photos" tab)

2013 - SHCA hosted ValleyFest 2013 (pictures on "photos" tab) 

2013 - SHCA gathered and shared information pertaining to Mayor Tommy Battle's sales tax increase                        for the city of Huntsville. The tax increase was proposed on December 12th and passed by                        the city council on December 19th, less than one week prior to Christmas. (Our News Letters on                  this topic are available under the "south Huntsville News" tab above.


  • Limited funding was secured for improvements at Ditto Landing.
  • SHCA produced and hosted ValleyFest, 2014.
  • Responsible development continues to be monitored and encouraged.
  • SHCA became a sponsor for DittoFest which will be held on June 14th.
  • 13 primary candidates were endorsed. The results of those elections are in your hands!

At the South Huntsville Civic Association, we invite you to join us. Get informed and become involved in the very important business of our American way of life.


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