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Grissom High School has been listed by Newsweek as one of the best high schools in the nation! 
Grissom is one of only two schools in Alabama to be included on the Top American High Schools 2015” list. Of the 500 schools that made the list, Grissom was ranked at #380.
Congratulations to Grissom High School students, teachers and parents!

Ditto Landing is Set for Major Improvements!
Strengthening Our Community through Service, Fun and Participation in the Political Process!
Above left, ValleyFest, produced and hosted by SHCA
Above center, Our 2nd Ammendment, produced and hosted by SHCA
Above right, SHCA volunteers offer help to those who suffered tornado dammage

Mission Statement

     South Huntsville Civic Association (SHCA) is a conservative, research, education and oversight organization dedicated to the protection of citizen's rights through the preservation of property values, free markets,  and citizen awareness. Established as a non-partisan PAC in May 2009, involvement in our community is based on our belief that citizens are endowed with constitutional rights for which we must take responsibility and be willing to defend. We take issues of importance into the public arena. SHCA is dedicated to gaining the allegiance of our fellow citizens and our elected representatives on important community matters.

      SHCA studies various community matters by researching the issues, and then offering both our analysis and ideas to public servants, citizens and to the media. As a "watch-dog group", we consider a wide range of issues in the areas of development, education, government and society. We heavily rely on our members for their support through emails, phone calls and petitions when a call to action is occasionally required.

     At the South Huntsville Civic Association, we invite you to join us. Get informed and become involved in the very important business of our American way of life. 

If you would like to view past news letters from South Huntsville Civic Association, please click on the south Huntsville News tab at the top of this page. Whether you are curious about what SHCA does or simply want to review past communications, we hope this archive will be a helpful tool!

For frequent updates and community discussion, please join us on facebook !

Message from South Huntsville Living:

South Huntsville now has a website which is dedicated to everything that is great about our community! 
South Huntsville Living was created as a private endeavor for the enjoyment of current residents and for the introduction of our community to those considering moving to the Huntsville area. We hope to provide enjoyment to our citizens and support for our local merchants and property values. Please visit the site soon and fall in love with south Huntsville all over again!

Be sure to click the "contact" tab at the top of this page if you have questions, comments or would like to request that you be added to our email list. This is the best way for us to notify you as future events are planned! 

Also, please consider clicking on the "Donate" tab if you would like to support our efforts to encourage citizens and law makers to act boldly in the promotion and preservation of our communities and our nation.

Partner with SHCA

South Huntsville Civic Association is growing! Don't let our name fool you. SHCA will always confront challenges within the south Huntsville community because that is who we are. As we continue to grow, we are also being called to address issues within the wider community of Huntsville and most recently in other parts of Alabama. While we maintain our name of origin, South Huntsville Civic Association, we may work with citizens throughout Alabama who wish to form an alliance. The issues we confront are often not unique to south Huntsville. Our effectiveness increases as our circle of like minded citizens grows. We invite you to contact us if you believe we might be able to work together to improve communities throughout Alabama.

Be sure to visit our Upcoming Events page to find out what we have planned and see what types of events we've hosted in the past!

SHCA has created the largest civic association in the city of Huntsville. As a PAC and a watch-dog group or citizen oversight organization, we are also a unique Huntsville civic association. Citizen awareness is essential to a health community. Through our research and communication with members, south Huntsville Civic Association members have access to information, analysis and action which would not otherwise exist.

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